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A Look into the 2024 Boys Lacrosse Season

Featuring an interview with the Lacrosse leadership, and head coach Joey Smith.

One sport growing in popularity at McMahon is Lacrosse. If you’ve never heard of Lacrosse or only just know the basics– here’s what you need to know. It’s a sport played between two teams of ten players. Three each on Attack, Defence, and Midfield; plus, a Goalie in net. Boys and Girls lacrosse have different rules. For this article, I will only be talking about boys’ lacrosse.

Lacrosse is a contact sport and has a penalty box. You can be put in the box for either thirty seconds, one minute, or three minutes. Typical penalties are slashing, crosschecking, and pushing with possession. Each goal is worth one point, and games are action-packed and high-scoring

This season’s leadership team consists of Emaon Boyle, Max Makover, Robbie Gatt, and Lucas Silva. I got the chance to interview them, as well as head coach Joey Smith about the season ahead:


What are your predictions for the season? What are your goals?

I mean, our goals are to make both the FCIAC playoffs and the state playoffs and do as humanly well as we can, which is obviously to win. So every game, No matter who we play, is an expected win. It doesn’t really matter.

How are you feeling about the growth of this sport at McMahon?

I think both the boy’s and girl’s teams keep getting more and more players every year. That’s huge for the sport of Lacrosse and McMahon Athletics. We want our team to be as good as possible, and the more participation, the better. Yeah, we got a, we have a huge, a huge freshman class coming in right now. It’s really exciting for us to see as seniors.

How many freshmen do you estimate you got this year?

We’ve got probably around 15.

Nice. So you’re doing JV and varsity this year?


Can you just explain what the sport is about for people who don’t really know or haven’t watched lacrosse?

It’s like basketball ball on the field, except it’s faster. Okay, thank you. Fast game on two feet.

Any final thoughts?

Um, I would say that this is probably my most coachable team in five years here. So we have a lot of high expectations, and it’s what the work we put in.

Final thoughts:

I also got the chance to ask the head coach, Joey Smith, for any players to look out for.

“There’s Senior Robbie Gatt, a returning 4-year starter with over 400 saves; Lucas Silva, an Army bound 4-year starter who is one of the best all-around Defensive men the school has had in a very long time; Max Makover another 4-year starter and one of our returning top goal scorers; and Eamon Boyle our most vocal D Man and jack-of-all. Seniors, Ryan Cohen, Cam Miller, and Octavio Pena will help round out the offense as well.”


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