Senator Profile: Joe DiChiaro

Joe Dichiaro is a junior here at Brien McMahon and a very special one. Since becoming a student at BHMS, he has been a vital part of the baseball program, as well as taking just about the heaviest class load one could take in a high school career. The other day, I had the joy of being able to sit down and interview Joetani(a nickname for Joe which you will soon learn the origin of), and had a great conversation with him about school, sports, and his everyday life in general.


(Q)“How does it feel being so successful in your role as a two-way everyday player for the school’s baseball program?”

(A)“It’s fun, it’s a nice reward for all the hard work I’ve put in, but there is also an added pressure to perform. I hate when I have a good game, and the next game is not so great. I like to be consistent with people’s standards and my own.”


(Q)“What is it like training for your much more demanding role?”

(A)“I make sure I don’t sign up for too much stuff, I do my homework first and I find some relaxation time as well. I try to aim for 3-4 sessions a week and then sometime during the weekend just to keep myself going strong.”


(Q)“Do you feel a sense of added pressure to perform being compared to someone like Shohei Ohtani? (An MLB player who is an elite pitcher and hitter, which has not been done successfully and at a high level in the MLB in over 100 years.)”

(A)“Honestly, in a high school game where it’s my first time at the plate when I hear “Joetani” coming from the dugout, I feel like the other team takes that and then judges based on my performance how well that nickname fits me. But not in a way where the whole team is laughing at me, more of a silent thought a few players have. But I use that to drive myself to play better.”


(Q)“How do you feel about your chances of being on varsity the next couple of years?”

(A)“For this year, I feel like my chances are pretty good… but that’s never something I want to settle for. I want to have great chances. I’m not gonna see a 51% chance and say “That’s more than half, so I’m good there.”


(Q)“I know that you take many IB/AP classes, which offer a much higher workload and curriculum. What are some advanced classes you take here at Brien McMahon?”

(A)“I’m taking IB Italian, IB language and literature, AP calculus, AP stats, and AP government and politics.”


(Q)“Is it hard to balance your tough class schedule with your baseball training?”

(A)“Ya I get a whole bunch of homework and studying for tests, especially in calculus because I struggle with those tests. It usually involves some late nights. I try to do my baseball in the afternoon because I’m usually more productive with my homework when I’ve finished dinner and am settled in my room.”


(Q)“Is there a particular person or figure that you look up to?”

(A)“My parents to be honest. There’s this idea that everyone suffers from, the idea that one must become ultra-successful in life or else one’s life is just mundane. My parents settled for a standard life, my mom became a stay-at-home mom, and my dad is working hard, but not in a way where he is famous or making a huge impact on the world. But they are both content with that, and they are both happy with their life, and I think that’s the most important part. Even if I don’t become ultra-successful, I know they will support me no matter what.”


(Q)“Any Goals for after Highschool?”

(A)“College is number one. No tech colleges, I want to do liberal arts. I feel like it makes you more well-rounded as opposed to focusing on engineering or stem. Right now I’d like to be involved in civil engineering. That’s always subject to change, but it is where I am right now.”


(Q)“Is there a particular class or teacher that you enjoy that you would like to recommend to other students?”

(A)“It’s hard to remember them all. I’ve had a lot of great teachers, I’m very lucky in that regard. Freshman year, Ms. Okrentowich was a great honors English teacher, Ms. Sullivan from gym class, and Ms. Harris from APUSH.”


(Q)“Have you considered starting or joining any clubs here at our school?”

(A)“I am in the math club and I joined the Trivia club last year. I have considered joining the Environmental clean up club, and I’ve mildly considered a few others, such as the Italian club and the Robotics club, but contrary to popular belief I’m not very good at robotics. It looks fun, but it’s very complicated. I have also conserved the debate club, but that runs into baseball. I love arguing.”


(Q)“Are there any other talents or skills that you would like to discuss or show off?”

(A)“Would you like me to list them all? Many people know I can solve Rubik’s cubes very well, I can juggle, I have good hand-eye coordination in general, I’m good at spinning a basketball or any ball on my finger, and I know some small magic tricks. I’m mostly just good at a lot of party tricks. I can also rap pretty well.”


Joe is an amazingly intelligent and talented student, but above all else, he is a fantastic friend. While playing baseball and going to school with him for the last couple of years, I have come to know him very well. He is a joy to be around, and I’m the one who gave him his nickname. So if you’re a student here at BMHS, take a chance to get to know Joe, you will not regret it.