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College Collective: Dorm Room Essentials

Everything you’ll need is in this guide, so stop stressing and just start buying!

Graduating high school might be one of the greatest accomplishments we seniors will have at the moment, but what comes with this is also one of the most stressful things, moving into college. If you are a first-time college student or don’t have anyone to guide you on what you might need, it can be very frustrating to know what you should pack for that move-in deadline in August. Luckily for you, I’ve researched (both on the scope of Google and all over social media) finding out what items are the most efficient and necessary in surviving college and being comfortable in your new space. 

Before I begin, the best stores for these purchases would include Target, Amazon, Walmart, BedBath & Beyond, and HomeGoods. There are always sales (especially Prime Day on Amazon) so it’ll allow you to stock up on your items for a lower cost and be able to put more of your money into your actual tuition as college is expensive! 

Now onto the actual items, it is common knowledge that you’ll need to supply your own bedding. This includes a comforter, 1-2 sets of sheets, a mattress topper, a mattress protector (for all the future spills you might have), and bed pillows. To add some color to your space, you can add in a throw blanket and a decor pillow or two, but not too many as current college students state that the pillows can take up too much room in what’s already a small space. 

Following this you’ll need bathroom essentials. If your dorm has communal bathrooms, a shower caddy, and shower shoes are what you’ll need. It is suggested that you have a larger caddy for your shower supplies and a smaller one for your everyday bathroom things like your toothbrush and toothpaste so you won’t be lugging around so much stuff. Additionally, a dish drying mat would go well with this as once you come back from your shower, your caddy will need somewhere to sit and dry so it won’t grow mold. These are easy items to get on Amazon. 

Another topic we must go over is health. You’ll need to stock up on healthcare products such as cold medicines, band-aids, and other first aid things you might need as if you are under the age of 18 it can be quite hard to buy these things without an adult present. Also, don’t forget to pack your prescription meds! Bring what you can but you’ll always be able to renew your prescriptions and pick them up on campus.

Moving on, we have kitchen supplies. This is simple. All you need are a couple of plates, bowls, pieces of silverware, cups, and mugs. It’s recommended that you choose plastic for each of these (except silverware of course) as it’s just easier to have something non-breakable in your dorm, especially being a college student. 

You’ll need to wash your dishes right away and to do this you’ll also have to have cleaning supplies. Buy some sponges, dish soap, and paper towels, and use that drying mat to dry your dishes. Other cleaning essentials include a vacuum (a cheap $30 one will do the job), a cleaning spray, and detergent and dryer sheets for your clothes. Just make sure your dorm and your items are always clean – a cleaner you and your space,  makes you feel better!

Next, we have some items you might not have thought to bring. A fan to cool you down when it gets really hot in your stuffy dorm, a door stopper to help you move your stuff in as well as welcome people to talk to you throughout the year, a small weekender bag (if you plan to go on trips or visit people), a laundry bag (duh you need to put your laundry somewhere and it’s going to be easier to carry it up a floor if the laundry isn’t on the same floor), and a Brita filter (you NEED good water). Not everyone may need these things but many people do say these things were necessary for them.

Lastly, to make your space truly your space bring photos, decor, and whatever else you think will make it feel like you! Hang pictures on the wall, add a rug, a lamp, and maybe a fake plant (to be honest we all know it’s going to be hard to take care of a real plant). No matter what, in the end just know that your room will ultimately be better than how you found it (looking like a jail cell)!

Going to college will be hard, but at least now with this guide for some of the key items you’ll need, you can take some of that stress away and think about the excitement that comes with decorating your new space and it becoming your own. Now that this has all been said, GO SHOPPING!

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