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Archive your work. It’s time to celebrate the holidays!

Holiday Wishes from the McMahon Archive

Dear Senators, the staff at the McMahon Archive wishes you a happy holiday season and a restful break. 


Here are some things you can do no our *short holiday break.

Come to the basketball tournament December 27-28 at Norwalk High. 

Come Wrestling Meet against Staples at 6pm today. 

Go to the Normac swim and dive meet tonight at 4pm.


Get some rest. Have some fun. And remember Midterms are coming around soon.


Here is some last minute gift ideas for your loved ones:

Edible Arrangements  

A green cardigan 

A Radiohead Shirt 

A candle 

Sun Glasses 

A gift card for Chick-Fil-a 

A Blanket 

A Burr Basket 




Some of our 2024 Goals:

To publish as many articles as possible. 

To be more positive. 

To get good grades in the new year.

To learn how to park (parallel parking specifically). 

Work on getting into college.

To get a job and make money.

To be more honest with each other. 

To drink more water and to eat healthier. 

Use less heat and take better care of our hair. 

Attend all our classes. 

Improve our time management skills. 

Stop being a hallway roamer. 

Learn how to do a split. 

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