Beginning Of The Cross Country Season


The McMahon Cross-Country team starts off strong with their first meet in Trumbull.

Amadi Faust pulled a great time of 14:17 in the 1.75 mile JV race, ranking third overall.

In the women’s varsity race, Ashley Becker had a great first season run of 21:21, coming 11th overall and Calli Gilchrist finished the race with a time of 23:37 on a 2.9 mile course. The boys’ varsity race, Riley O’Hara, had a great time at 18:03.

The season is starting off strong and there is a lot of hope for these players and the team to get high rankings in the top 20th places. Thanks to coach Bradley and coach Kalunian the team is able to start off on a good note and is being led with the most support.

Practices are paying off and there is hope for personal records as the season progresses.