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First Football Friday!


With the start of the new year, the new football season, come many new thrills at McMahon. It’s only been a few days since our first home game on the “M ” and everyone feels the rush and energy our team radiates this year. 


With all the hype behind these upcoming games, I have to say if I’m being completely honest this was my first football game ever, and as a senior, I know I know better late than never.

The cheers were contagious and the atmosphere was unmatched, but I was prepared…


Before anything I needed to know what I was getting myself into going to this game so I asked no one other than our senior class president and one of the football captains this year Emerard Charles to ask his team what I should do and expect going to a game. I asked him to be a guest reporter!


Asher McCallom the Defensive Tackle of the varsity team describes it best from on the field he says “I would say its a one of a one-of-a-kind experience! Football games create some of the best social scenes you can get in high school.” Overall he’s completely right. Throughout the game, the crowd was very hyped and excited regardless of the score. Those around me also made sure to update me on what was going on during the game


Now writing this after the game I can say he was on point. The student section was a fun place full of cheer, chants, and pride. The spirit was contagious and it’ll only get better from here. Lucas Silva the Wide Receiver and Linebacker of the team describes these games as “Lots of fun and an overall great experience.” The game was intense and filled with passion, McMahon dominated the first half and will keep coming back stronger and stronger each game.


As this was our first game for us seniors as leaders of the school I think we did a pretty good job getting everyone hyped thanks to our section leaders. I will make one suggestion though, please for the love of god, someone get these leaders a megaphone. 

Regardless of us losing this game (27-41), this is only one of many and with what I saw from a fresh perspective we have a good foundation to win our next games. Jermel Bynum speaks for the team as he says “I have no idea why you didn’t come to one before but you should this year because this year is different and we are better.” 


Let’s use this as motivation to come back stronger. This was a very strong-fought game! The screams were loud and tears were even shed so McMahon Football we have your back! The McMahoniacs got you! Give it your all!

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Rebecca Parra
Rebecca Parra, Writer/Editor
Hey Senators! My name is Becca. I love meeting and interacting with others. I'm a Senior and hope you enjoy the articles I write this year as I manage the Senators/Event section of the archive.

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