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Eras Tour Mashups: Taylor Taking Inspiration From Fans


Taylor Swift, the world’s national phenomenon, has been on one of the most exhilarating tours of this year. Performing every hit from each era of her albums, she has been met with so much love from her fans and the countries hosting her. 

Each concert has been full of swifties screaming their lungs out, the “22” hat being given away, and special surprise songs. Many have taken to social media to guess what songs T.S. will perform each night, showing pride and crying when they are correct. But is this just a coincidence?

Currently in Singapore, Swift has been on a roll. As posted by various fans on X (formerly known as Twitter), she combined “Mine” from her album Speak Now and “Starlight” from Red.  Singing in a higher key, many fans didn’t even realize the change between the two songs and screamed once noticing. Such a smooth transition for two songs about young love. 

The following night, she performed a loving guitar melody of “Death By A Thousand Cuts” from the album Lover and “Babe” from the album Red. Both songs are about being hurt by your significant other and not wanting to believe it, but getting over it anyway. This made sense for a great combination of the two. 

During the same night, Taylor used another instrument, her piano, to show her wide range of talents (even though we know she is the most talented woman alive). Blending together “Fifteen” from Fearless and “You’re on Your Own Kid” from Midnights, Swift again did a splendid job at highlighting the message of innocence in these songs and how sometimes you have to grow out of it to become your own person. 

Some of her shocking mashups include “This Love” from 1989 mashed with “Call It What You Want” from reputation, and “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” which is a single featuring Zayn combined with “Dress” from reputation. These were extremely special when performed due to Travis Kelce, Taylor’s boyfriend, being in attendance. These songs are full of love, deep emotion, and something that only two people who have that connection can truly experience. 

Fans, seeing these mashups, have started creating their own versions of songs they believe would go great together. One that has been trending is “False God” from Lover and “Slut” from 1989. The overlapping of the two songs is like heaven on Earth, so when fans heard this live, euphoria consumed their senses. 

When 1989 (Taylor’s Version) first came out, fans noticed that “Is It Over Now?” and “Out of The Woods” were both about Harry Styles, whom Swift dated back in 2014. Getting the bright idea to mix the songs’ choruses, this became another famous audio on TikTok and the internet. In Buenos Aires, when Taylor took the stage to sing her surprise songs, no one would have thought that this would be performed. It created yet another exhilarating encounter with Taylor on top of what was already a wild tour. This experience got Swifties thinking – was their idol using their creations as her inspiration? 

Some honorable mentions for mashups are “Should’ve Said No” and “You’re Not Sorry” as this is quite a throwback to some of Taylor’s old unappreciated hits. Followed by “Getaway Car,” “August,” and “The Other Side of the Door” which all have the common theme of a love triangle. Then, “Come Back … Be Here” and “Daylight”, of which greatly emphasize what it means to be in love with someone and realize the bigger picture of it. And lastly, “White Horse” and “Coney Island” performed with Sabrina Carpenter as these both represent heartbreak and apologies surrounding someone you were in love with and moving on from that.

Online, we continue to see more mashups being created by fans in hopes of seeing it at a show, but with Taylor Swift, we’ll never know. Some say it’s her yellow dress that makes these new mashups the best ones yet, but others just believe it’s the magic that is Taylor Swift. Her spontaneity and unique personality will always be a shocker for all but is always a welcome addition for all who get the chance to attend her Eras concerts.

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