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Thanksgiving Football


Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to celebrate the blessings of the year and be thankful. Something a lot of Americans are thankful for is football!

The wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. Celebrated on the 4th Thursday of every month, Thanksgiving is one of America’s greatest holidays. Celebrated by everyone in America, other than the food, the best thing is Football. 

Every year on Thanksgiving NFL teams go head to head for the entertainment of families around the world. Some football fanatics love football so much that their dinner relies on football. As the most watched sport in America, it has become increasingly popular, not just around the world, but even in America alone. According to St. Bonaventure University, 72% of all Americans watch football and 34.1 million Americans watch football on Thanksgiving. 

This Thanksgiving the San Francisco 49ers faced the Seattle Seahawks resulting in a 31-13 win for the very dominant 49ers team. The 49ers won their division with an 8-3 record. The Packers faced the Lions and won 29-22, which was a surprising upset, and the Commanders lost to the Cowboys 10-45. 

2023 was the first year that the NFL had a black Friday game. The game was supposed to make football a staple of Thanksgiving week.  The Dolphins vs. the Jets. Unfortunately, the Dolphins came away with the win. Leading the AFC East with an 8-3 record. 

Not only is the NFL a staple of Thanksgiving week, but college football as well. Thanksgiving college football is notorious for rivalry games just like high school football. Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State, the longest running Thanksgiving week rivalry which has been going on since 1901. Oregon State at Oregon, Kentucky at Louisville, Indiana at Purdue, Iowa at Nebraska, Colorado at Utah, and the most notorious Michigan vs. Ohio State. Michigan vs. Ohio State is the most viewed college football game in all of the NCAA, Falling on the Saturday of Thanksgiving week every week since 1918. It averages over 20 million viewers according to FOX. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, one that is cemented as one of the best because of one thing and one thing only, McMahon vs. Norwalk. 52-20.

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