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October has been a very exciting month for Senators of all grades. We recently had our Homecoming Game and our first Spirit week of the year. As I was around the school trying to get content for the Archive throughout the week I saw a few things I thought to be article and writing worthy. 

The Homecoming game for many students and even players can be a big deal as it’s a home game meant to welcome back and celebrate alumni. The game is full of life, and school spirit and is a great way to bring the community together. That last point overall is the most important to me as it is my senior year. As it’s the last time we have to really celebrate school and football in its entirety. Whether it’s going all out for the announced theme and screaming chants, the energy is exclusive to homecoming.  

Football Captain, Emerald Charles spoke on the homecoming crowd after the winning game from an on-the-field perspective and said: “Any support is support, It a lot easier to do something when you have people behind you and offensively when you’re out there and you’re loud it interrupts the defensive calls and the school spirit and energy helps us physically and mentally.”

Homecoming Day wasn’t the only time we saw this surge of school spirit as for that three-day week from the 11th through the 13th we saw many unique outfits roam the halls as we had three fantastic themes ranging from Barbie v. Oppenheimer, Superhero Day, and School Colors (Red, White, and Blue). These spirit weeks are a time for us Senators to embrace our creative side as it allows us to dress up and have fun! These spirit weeks also welcome partnership within classes and bring our community closer together. 

From what I saw from trying to get footage for the Archive’s Instagram and TikTok I have just one pointer. We should participate more! The more we participate the more fun it is for everyone. I mean, you’ll never be this young again and this is the only time you’ll ever be in high school! So please make the most out of it!

Now, if you missed or were unable to participate in these events, don’t worry because next month is jam-packed with events too. Including our Homecoming Dance on November 4th ( tickets are currently on sale for $15), and our Thanksgiving football game against our rivals Norwalk High! 

We have plenty of the school year and school events left so make the most out of them! If you want to get more into our school spirit follow the Archive on our social media 


Instagram @mcmahonarchive 

TikTok @ mcmahon_archive

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Rebecca Parra, Writer/Editor
Hey Senators! My name is Becca. I love meeting and interacting with others. I'm a Senior and hope you enjoy the articles I write this year as I manage the Senators/Event section of the archive.

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