Hallway Etiquette


As many of you have probably noticed, the hallway situation at McMahon is horrendous. Between people blocking others trying to get to class, walking on the wrong side of the hallway, and just causing everyone to get frustrated we think that some rules need to be established. With that being said, we would like to establish 3 rules we believe everyone should abide by.

1. Walk on the Right side of the hallway: I know that many students here are not old enough to drive on their own yet, but these are basic driving rules, as well as walking. Unless you are a new student from somewhere like Europe, you should know that in most cases, people usually are taught to travel on the side to their right in most situations.

2. Before you turn into a different hallway make sure you aren’t cutting anyone off: This is a direct result of walking on the wrong side of the hallway. If everyone could walk on the right side, we won’t have any more awkward moments where you bump into someone you don’t know where everyone thinks it’s their fault.

3. If you’re walking with a group of friends make sure you are not taking up the entire hallway making it so no one can get past. Look guys, this is a big school with a lot of people, teachers, and students who have to run across the school in just a couple of minutes so that they aren’t marked late or miss something important. I know that we all want to be included in our friends’ conversations, but could you at least have the taller people stand in the back so that other people have a lane to move?

All of these rules seem very simple, don’t they? I know hallway etiquette doesn’t seem like a very important story, but all that we are trying to do with this article is help make the school an easier place to be because let’s be real, that’s what we all want.