Profile: Mr. Albano


The article appears as a part of our Senators Profile Series.


You may have seen him in the hallways collaborating with students.  He has a loud and clear voice but, If you haven’t heard him yet, here’s the rundown!

Mr. Albano, has an optimistic walk through the hallways, always with a purpose.  When meeting with Mr. A, he has a confident and distinct tone when he speaks, in any case, makes everyone feel welcome.  In the hallways, nine out of ten times he’s probably starting a conversation, getting to know a student or walkie-talking.

Waiting in Mr. Albano’s office, I learned quickly that he’s an efficient worker and a busy guy.  The counseling office at first was like a maze.  I was in a waiting room for another waiting room, overhearing other staff members.  Minutes before meeting with Mr. A, I watched from the other side of the room, Mr. Albano collaborating with a student. 

I realized that a trait of Mr. Albanos is that he quickly makes time for what he deems most important.  I had come to this meeting early and observed a couple of things.  Mr. Albano had a last-minute situation with a student coming in with a lot of emotions, Mr. Albano was able to tune in and turn all of his attention to the situation at hand.  Regardless of everything that was happening around him.

My first impression of him was how he makes everyone feel welcome, overlooking what he was saying to a group of staff while waiting for the interview.

Sitting in Mr. Albano’s decorated office, he proudly spoke on how he went to McMahon a couple of years back!  During his years as a student at McMahon, in 2001, he played baseball, and football, and wrestled.  Mr. In Albano’s senior year, he was happy to add that his superlative was: Most School Spirit.  In his junior year, he was class president, which is why he makes an effort to show up at student council meetings to stay informed.  He always walks around the hallways with a smile, with a keen interest in what the student body is doing. 

“Not to be boring, but since I started coming into the office after the school year started which is a hectic time, I’d probably be in my office…I do plan to branch out and visit more parts of the school once things settle down.”

He figures, with his outgoing personality, “I’m a guy that wants to get to know more people and students.”  Mr. Albano excitedly adds how he’s going to start visiting classes soon.  Since our new assistant principal once went to McMahon, during the interview he adds how interesting and almost weird it was with the “new” additions from when he went there.  

Mr. A  explains “there was no CGS portion of McMahon, once you got to the health hallway, that’s where the school stopped.  Brien McMahon used to be about half the size of what it is now, it’s incredible.” 

Mr. Albano’s next big step after studying at McMahon was attending Springfield College, where he majored in physical education.  Mr. Albano then went to Ohio University for athletic administration.  Afterward, he went to Sacred Heart University for Social Emotional education.

Mr. Albano was the head football coach at McMahon for 8 years!  He also coached track and wrestling as well.  Mr. Albano was super involved in McMahon as a student and now as a staff member, His first career plan was to actually be a football coach, but soon after he got into teaching.  He’s a huge Raiders fan, Yankees fan, and oddly enough, Penn State fan since his wife went to that college. 

Before coming to his current role at McMahon, Mr. Albano was a New Canaan teacher, where he was for five years.  But he clearly states how he couldn’t really leave McMahon.  

In a glad tone, Mr. Albano adds “no one can beat the staff here!” To end the interview, I asked: what’s your plan for McMahon?  Mr. Albano happily states: “I’m still learning how to make McMahon the best school, I want to make everyone proud!”