School Spirit Post-COVID


January 2019 Pep Rally

As a 2023 senior, this year can be considered our first typical year of high school. Our freshman year was cut short due to COVID-19, in addition our sophomore and junior years were also affected. Due to virtual learning, many spirit weeks were ignored and there were no Friday night lights. But now that virtual learning is no longer, meaningful spirit weeks and football games are back! I believe being fully back in school with no virtual learning is spiking the sense of spirit, especially amongst the seniors who will soon be graduating.

People are still getting used to dressing up based on whichever the theme is rather than staying in their sweats doing school in their beds. However it certainly is an improvement from the past years.

Soon we will be facing off against our rival, the Norwalk High Bears, in various sports, and I expect to see plenty of spirit during “Bear Hunt Season”. We have the opportunity to make this year great, so let’s take advantage of it.