What is your favorite thing to do in the fall?

What is your favorite thing to do in the fall?


“*Long pause* Uh… *Another long pause* I don’t know. I like fall, but I don’t know what I do in fall… I don’t know, make muffins with my mom.”

~ Prudie Phillips, 16, Student


“My favorite thing to do in fall is to drink hot apple cider.”

~ Ms. Amy Dias, 51 (“Age is a victory not a crime”), Educator and Cell Phone Acquisition Expert (“No I’m not, I never collect anything”)


“In the fall my favorite thing to do is… *clicks tongue* …playyyy golf. Play golf, yeah.”

~ Kyle Close, 17, Actor


“I’m gonna sound so basic. Umm… My favorite thing to do in the fall is to really go out and do all the fall festivities with my nieces and nephews. So like, to go do pumpkins, and I like to do Lake Compounce and the scary haunted houses. And I like to drink lots of Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.”

~ Juliana Stabach, 40, Teacher of the year


“I like to walk my dog with a jacket on.”

~ Christian, 17, Accountant


When I asked this question, I got a lot of similar answers, as you can see above, but I also got people who just hated on Fall. It’s cold and school is starting, those people complained. But how the people you hear above see it, Fall also means seeing friends again, and playing sports, and getting to wear warm clothes and drink warm drinks. So maybe whether or not you like Fall is just a mindset. I think we’d all like Fall a bit better though if the heat was turned on.