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12 Angry Jurors


Jury duty is something that many adults try to get out of. 

However, this Friday and Saturday, our school drama department is going to take a twist on jury duty. 

This upcoming school fall production is 12 Angry Jurors, many may recognize this play from the book 12 Angry Men that we might’ve read during our sophomore years.

“The jury gets on stage and they’re talking about whether they think that a boy is guilty or innocent for killing his father. At the beginning of the show, they all are taking a vote and everyone except for one person says the kid is guilty,”  Mia, who plays the judge in the play, said. She is currently a senior at Brien McMahon. 

Compared to some plays that have been done at Brien McMahon the 12 Angry Jurors has more of a connection to the real world. “It’s court cases like this have happened. Mr. Crook said that we should sort of draw from the Central Park Five case from the 90s. It talks about racism and all sorts of different things, which is like something a lot of time our shows don’t talk about really difficult topics,”  Mia said. 

As many may remember last year’s fall production of Puffs, was the spin-off version of Harry Potter. “If you’re a big Harry Potter fan. That’s great. But like a lot of people aren’t into it enough to know the ins and outs of what Hufflepuff is,” said Lily Stanton who is lead for production. However, this play can more easily connect to a general audience. 

“Many parents may be like oh my god, I just got jury duty and people complain about it. I was reading this in class last year and everyone was like, if I get jury duty, I’m not going to [it]. This [play] shows how important jury duty is because you’re deciding on someone’s life in some cases,”  Lily said. 

Even if you don’t like jury duty or never have done it, this play is full of twists and turns. You may expect to go one way but takes a whole other turn and will take its audience back into the 90s. 

The drama department has been preparing for this play for about 2 months now. “I hope a lot of people come and enjoy the show. A lot of people get to experience like joys of the show and the hardships of the show that we’ve worked really hard to pull together,”  Mia said.

The showings will be this Friday at 7 PM and Saturday at 2 PM and 7 PM. Students are able to get their tickets for $5 in the cafeteria during lunch and online on TicketSpicket for $10. Prices will increase at the door. So don’t forget to get your tickets tomorrow.

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