Some People Aren’t Worth it


This is our advice column where situations get solved by someone anonymous…

Writer: I messed things up pretty royally with a girl that would’ve been perfect. Basically, all I had to do was wait a little longer for her and I couldn’t. I know I probably don’t have another chance with her, so I’m kinda just asking for a way to forget it and move on.



Dear writer, 

Dealing with relationships, situationships, or even just friendships can be really hard for kids our age or at any age actually. We are all still trying to figure out ourselves and adding figuring out someone else can be tough to balance. 

You said in your submission that you had a chance with a girl that could have been perfect for you but you couldn’t wait. Ask yourself why you couldn’t wait. There’s a reason why you guys didn’t get to that point in the relationship you guys started. 

Waiting for someone is never easy, and no one should expect you to do that for them. Everyone deserves happiness or that special someone when they want it. Not when it’s convenient for the other person. If YOU couldn’t wait, that’s because you put yourself first and decided that wasn’t best for you, and that’s okay.

If you really do like this girl and you want another chance, there’s no harm in trying to talk to her again. Express to her how you feel and what you want out of what you guys might have had. You never know unless you try. 

If you want to move on, my advice would be to go with no contact. Being in contact with someone you have feelings for is honestly setting yourself up for failure. Block her on social media and don’t talk to her in person. Remember that there are other girls, and we are all so young. You’ll meet other people and eventually forget about her. I know it’s cheesy but time does heal. 

I hope you consider my advice and take what you need from it. Thank you for sending in your submission. Remember there are a lot of other people you’ll meet. Everything will work out. 


Teagan with the Tea