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Hydro Flask vs. Stanley – Which Is Better?


The newest water bottle trend is the Stanley tumblers. But many other brands are releasing their own versions to stay relevant. Two of the most popular water bottles to see around school are Hydro Flasks and Stanleys. But what version is actually worth the investment? 

The Hydro Flask tumblers can be taken apart, as the straw section comes out of the top and the plastic and silicone parts of the straw come apart. Also, the whole bottle is dishwasher safe, which is very convenient. They also are good at keeping water cold and warm drinks, like tea and coffee hot.

Stanley’s keep water cold and are notorious for surviving ridiculous situations. On TikTok, someone posted a video of how their car had a fire, and the only thing that was fine was the Stanley, which still had ice in it. This TikTok was amazing advertising for the brand without even knowing. Stanley’s, just like their competitors Hydro Flask, is also dishwasher safe.

We tested both to see where they would spill, and the Hydro Flask only spilled out of the straw, while the Stanley spilled out of the straw, and the part where the straw goes into the cup. Another fault both suffer from is the ability to fit in a cupholder on the side of a backpack, because of the handles, but they both can fit in car cupholders which is a plus in comparison. Both bottles cost around the same and come in the same sizes. The only major difference would be color variations, as Stanley has more options and Hydro Flask’s Tumblers are relatively newer, so they don’t have as many options yet.

Either way, you’re sure to be on trend whether you get a Hydro Flask or Stanley, and they are sure to make a great Christmas gift.

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