Funeral Playlist #slayinginthegrave

Funeral Playlist #slayinginthegrave

Funeral Playlist Definition – 

One magical afternoon I was in my friends car and we were listening to Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi and it hit me that when I die I want that song to play as I’m getting put into the ground. You might think a funeral playlist that’s depressing. No it’s fun, it’s a celebration of life, a party even. I don’t want people crying and upset at my funeral. I want good vibes and everyone dancing so I made a playlist of the best songs that captivate my story and really wraps up my life.


Here’s My Playlist:

All Of The Lights – Kanye West 

Pursuit of Happiness -Kid Cudi 

Nice for What – Drake 

Sky Walker – Miguel 

All The Stars – Sza

Va Va Vroom -Nicki Minaj

CAN’T SAY – Travis Scott 

Happiness is a Butterfly – Lana del Ray 


Putting the fun in funeral  😁


Then I went around and asked people what songs captivate their life and what songs that will be played at their celebration of life, I interviewed Becca Parra about her song choice: “I picked the song “El Taxi” because I feel like people can really party to this song and I want to end it with a bang.”

I also interviewed Ava who chose “Long Live” by Taylor swift: “I just think that song wraps up my life and the lyrics work in a way that’s like closure.”


Songs I got from others – 

Anything – Bruno Mars 

Highway To Hell – AC/DC

Across The Universe – John Lennon 

Long Live – Taylor Swift

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles

El Taxi –  Pitbull 

Twerkulator – City Girls 

 Any UK Drill

Sl** Me Out – NLE Choppa

Don’t Let Me Down –  The Beatles

Life is long, celebrate your death <3