Here’s the Tea: Should You Drop Her Or Not?


Responder (1): 

I have a friend who I’ve been friends with since elementary. But during 8th grade, last year, I was talking to this girl who I really liked. They knew her and apparently they liked her and she liked them back or whatever. 

Anyways while we were “talking” I made the first move and told her that I liked her. She said she liked me back but I didn’t do anything about it because she didn’t really say she liked me back but that doesn’t matter.

 And after I made the first move a week later I think I was scrolling through tik tok and I saw that she posted herself with another boy who she was dating at the time. I didn’t know how to feel abt that but I did hurt. So after that I would see them around the school and I would get sad and angry every time I would see them. me and the girl and her bf shared a class so that made it even worse. Btw when she got with him she stopped talking to me. 

So while she was still with her bf I posted on my story that was related to me not having my first kiss yet. She swiped up on it and said she could be my first kiss. So I was confused on why she said that because she had a bf and that would be cheating. So I told her that she had a bf and that it was weird that she said that. but she then said he kisses boys so why can’t I kiss girls. And I was like HUHHH girl if u don’t confront that like wat. Anyways I said I didn’t want that and she said that it was ok if I didn’t. 

Then I found out that she and her bf broke up and on that same day she gave a note that said “I like you. you make me nervous.” so I sent a note back saying I liked her too. You might think we got together or sum but no. We didn’t. So then summer break came. She blocked me. Like a girl, I didn’t even do anything to you. 

And during break she got with my best friend but my bsf only got with her because they were bored. They broke up. And me and her were talking again because she unblocked me. but I unadded her then added her back. That was this year btw. Anyways I kept to myself and thought about how my bsf got with her when they knew that I liked her. So what I’m asking is if I should drop them or confront them about it????


Response (1):

Dear writer, 

I’m sorry you had to go through this complicated and confusing situation. It seems like you really liked the girl, but she led you on. 

As for your friend, if she knew you liked this girl and had a past with her, she definitely shouldn’t have gotten with her. That’s not a real friend in my book. 

What I would do is confront her, but don’t be hostile. Have a conversation with her so she can understand what she did was wrong. In situations like this, sometimes it is better to be mature and explain to them how you felt about what they did. Depending on their reaction to you confronting them and how long you’ve been friends with them, will determine my advice on whether or not you should drop them. 

Observing their reaction will play a huge part in your decision to drop them. A good person at heart will understand what they did wrong and apologize. On the other hand, if your friend gets defensive and mad at you, that’s someone you definitely don’t want in your life. 

You’re young and in high school, so friends will come and go. You’ll drift away from old friends and have falling outs with them and that’s perfectly okay. So don’t be scared to let your friend know how you feel. At the end of your day, your feelings are valid and you have to do what’s best for you. 

Btw, drop the girl you like. You deserve better, I promise you.


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