🥒 Why Are Pickles Good For You? Because They Are Dill-icious! 🥒


When it comes to foods like pickles, many people look the other way. They either don’t like the sour taste or the amount of pickle juice that a pickle may have. By not eating pickles, not only are they missing out on the various benefits that they can provide your body with but also the refreshing taste they offer after a filling main course such as a burger. They simply add the best flavor and you cannot tell me otherwise.

If anyone knows me well, they would know I am obsessed with pickles. I tend to go to the Post Road Diner just for their pickles because they are just that good. If you look at my profile photo, you will see the previous sentence be proven as true – me at a diner eating pickles. In all honesty, I was just eating pickles because I enjoyed them so much, but recently I have found out the wonderful benefits that come from pickles, leading my snacking on pickles to become even better now that I know I am helping my body.

According to WebMD, pickles have “20% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin K, which helps your blood clot and keeps your bones strong. 6% of the calcium adults need for strong bones and teeth and healthy nerves. 6% of your daily requirement of potassium, which helps your nerves work right. 3%-4% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects your cells from damage. 1% of the daily value of vitamin A, important for your vision, immune system…” This proves that these little fermented foods actually do so much for your body.

I asked some classmates what they thought about pickles and I got some contrasting opinions. Emma Signore is very critical of pickles “I just don’t like them because they are too dill.” Agreeing with her is Samantha Corona with her statement “No, I don’t like pickles.”

It seems when you ask people why they don’t like something, they have a hard time answering. This means that they don’t have enough points to prove that pickles are bad. Zach Young who stands with the belief that pickles are the best thing for you and provide nutritional benefits. He proves this with his thoughts: “Yes, because after one you are full…They are very filling and yeah they provide plenty of benefits such as boosting your metabolism because they are soaked in vinegar constantly.” 

Now that we can all understand why pickles are simply such a good food to incorporate into your diet often, let’s go buy a jar of them and continue to encourage others to eat them! I might even try to make my own pickles in my garden which may create even more benefits and be much tastier. Lastly, always remember that a pickle a day keeps the doctor away!