The Coffee Club

In need for any coffee? The Coffee Club takes place in room 1090 on Thursdays and Friday mornings where students in the functional academics program are able to reunite from their walk of taken orders from staff around the school, and then bring them their coffee order.  This is a way for the students to practice various skills for the future such as communication, organization and integrity. 

“It gives them the chance to interact with other staff around the building and to be able to practice their people skills,” says Mr. Williams, who is in charge of this club. Other benefits he mentioned were that they  learn how to manage a business for the reason that; the students keep track of each person’s order, the income of each item and the correct delivery. He states he’s glad that his students are learning important life and academic skills while they are also having fun. 

As this is another consecutive year of coffee club , I asked him to mention some of the benefits Mr. Williams has noticed in the students so far. “It has given the students capability of doing more things out of their comfort zone” For example, students that are antisocial are given the opportunity to express themselves while practacing their social skills.

Finally, I asked Williams upon a wish Brien McMahon students could know about the club. He clamied his idea upon how people could know how much this helps the kids and how high-end it is to them by having the opportunity to learn various skills as well make connections with staff. In addition to being able to utilize what they learned. “I wish more people knew that the kids are capable of doing things that other kids can do” and that having a disability doesn’t mean that they are less than them and they should be appreciated and recognized for their hard work as well.