The Importance of BMHS Clubs


Brien McMahon high school has a wide variety of fun and exciting clubs that many of us can join. Clubs within this school can help us academically and socially. Even so, our clubs bring many senators together. These clubs can be considered the backbone of our school. 

Clubs within BMHS are put together wonderfully. Our fellow senators are working hard to manage both these clubs and school work so that we can find enjoyment. Although most of these clubs are not successful, the enthusiasm and effort put into starting them prove that the senator’s spirit is there. 

I can say from my perspective, clubs in McMahon are both fun and informational. I am part of the video game club. Although it is not the best extracurricular activity, it helps me talk with other students, and meet new people. I joined this club earlier this month during the club fair, to have fun and talk to different people. I wanted to be more involved and socially active. This club has helped me show who I really am and maybe it could help others out there as well.
Brien McMahon clubs provide an essential sense of community at a school and allow students to delve into interests of all kinds. I recommend every single one of you to be a part of any club just to try something new. It could be towards academics or just for fun. Try BMHS clubs!