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Unreal Unearth: Unpacking Hozier’s Newest Album


On August 18, Hozier released his album Unreal Unearth. Ever since, I haven’t gotten it out of my mind. It is the questioning of life, eternity, religion, and love, just as in his past albums, but with something more.

With 16 songs in 62 minutes, this album covers more ground than the average McMahon teacher.

Describing Hozier’s work as music alone is an understatement in itself. More so, it has always seemed to me poetry set to sound. But this recent album has challenged his past folk-ish intricacies. As opposed to Hozier’s earlier albums, Unreal Unearth has taken on a more rock approach toward music.

The composition of the music ranges from gut-wrenching, soul-destroying pieces to songs that are almost obligations to get up… and get down.

The topic of the album surrounds the 9 circles of hell, as it was written as Hozier himself was reading Dante’s Inferno. Even for those who are not affiliated with or followers of the Catholic religion, the album manages to bring a holy experience from the depths of hell.

Lyrics for each song can be. Songs like Unknown/Nth being written from the perspective of Lucifer confused many as the musician is a devout Christian, but the music represents so much more. Presenting different perspectives, a fallen angel, a mortal with eternal love, or even god himself, proves the versatility of the story within and outside of the album.

Although I do love this album wholeheartedly, I still prefer to listen to his previous albums, Hozier and Wasteland, Baby!.  But of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a listen. Unreal Unearth is available on all platforms!

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