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Getting into the Autumn Aesthetic


There are five standard fall senses: The smell of pumpkin spice wandering up your nose, the taste of a hot apple cider donut, the sight of leaves turning a rich ombre of orange, the sound of a crackling fire, and the feeling of the cool autumn breeze finally coming through the air.  These are your key essentials to a delightful fall season!

From the hot sun and high humidity that the summer brings to the crisp air and wet days that arrive with Autumn, many struggle with the changing of seasons. Though the loss of daylight may seem depressing, we have many solutions to cure this loss of summer and enter your transition to September.

The first thing you should do is decorate your house. Go to HomeGoods, grab a shopping cart (even though you know you aren’t going to buy a lot…you still will), and start walking through the aisles.

Grab decor that is pumpkin-themed or even just colored orange (Not too much though!). A good touch of color will bring out this harvest season. Things to include are candles (pumpkin, apple spice, or harvest scented), a nice throw for your bed or couch, and a ceramic pumpkin for a centerpiece somewhere! These pieces will “spice” up your house and make you look so festive.

An added benefit of this is the fact that the color orange also brings on a sense of warmth and comfort leading to you having an easier time during this season.

Now that we’ve covered decor, we need to talk about the experiences of this post-summer haze. Ideas include going to an apple farm nearby (Outhouse Orchards, Silverman’s Farm) and devouring the delectable taste of your own picked apples. As you walk through the orchard, take in the feeling of the fresh mud on your shoes and the dozens of other people there to enjoy the same experience of holding that heavy bag of apples.

While apples are a good fruit to pick from these farms, pumpkins are a great choice too! Find a nice round pumpkin that would be great for carving — this would be great for the month of October as you can have a carving contest with your closest friends and use the excess pumpkin seeds as a nice savory (and salty) treat.

Other October-ish things to do include lighting a fire (in a fire pit of course!) and making smores! This is a sweet way to enjoy warmth and a gooey treat with your besties.

If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, maybe a movie would cure this separation from summer. Hallmark channel as well as other TV networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime produce good corny autumn harvest movies. It’s always fun to laugh at the plot of these movies, but also to see how they decorate these towns like it’s a ball or something.

In addition to this extravagance, another fun activity would be to have a bake-off! Autumn is probably one of the best seasons there is as it comes with some of the best appetizing desserts. From pumpkin pie to candy apples, there are a billion different ways to compete with your friends for the best-baked goods!

With these tips on how to decorate and experience this season to the fullest extent, I hope you truly take these into account. This Autumn aesthetic doesn’t happen easily, but with a determination to fit in and encounter the other pumpkin spice addicts, you too, can live happily.

Now once you are done reading this, go to Starbucks and raid them of their fall menu because we all know it’s that good! Follow up with Bobbie for an Autumn Vibe playlist to really get you in the mood for this earthly season.


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