A Senator at Norwalk High Prom


As prom season comes to an end for juniors and seniors everywhere, let’s go through how prom went at different schools, more specifically our rival school Norwalk High.

Unable to make it to our own class of ‘24 prom, I was invited to prom to the junior prom of Norwalk High. Being held at the exact same place as our prom The Waters Edge at Giovanni’s, it seemed to be that our schools don’t only compete when it comes to sports. It’s almost as if the schools were trying to see who could host the best prom. I can only give a review for prom at Norwalk High, so here it is…

School rivalry aside, the bear pack knows how to hype up a dance floor, as even though many of the students agreed the music played wasn’t the best, the energy the whole night was through the roof. Ayleen, a junior at Norwalk High, said “It was pretty fun but they weren’t taking any of our song recommendations. At best the music was kinda good.”

A reaction I seemed to get from many people I interviewed was that the prom was way better than they expected. Another student, Valerie Carcamo said, “It was so much fun, which I didn’t think it was going to be at all!” Throughout the night I found that many people grew more and more excited, as there were things like a photo opp. Station, and towards the end of the night little frames for any pictures taken were being handed out.

In comparison to what I heard coming from Senators in regards to their prom, the food at Norwalk High prom was so much better than expected as they even provided some vegan options and had things like pina coladas and waffle stations. Emma Signore, a junior here at McMahon said “The food at our prom was extremely underwhelming, especially with how much the ticket was.”

Overall the experience was pleasantly surprising as I met many nice people throughout the night and even saw some other senators of our own having fun at this rival prom. An athlete at Norwalk High, Max Garcia, said “It was stupendous, stunning, and overall a great time and experience!” I even met some wonderful staff and was deemed an honorary member of the Bearpack and invited to return for senior prom!

I may say we might have to step up our game for the senior prom class of 2024, as from what I saw the high isn’t playing when it comes to their events!!