Powderpuff from the Winning Team


As us seniors were sent off in preparation for victory, the win was expected and well-deserved. Arriving marked up with intimidation, we ran down the entrance stairs as a massive crowd supported our team. However, before we could begin the game we needed our connection to be as strong as ever. Although we may not be family, we are all Seniors. Our connective cheer “Seniors on Three” worked its charm. It was time warm-up for the game on the Casagrande Field as we knew that our opposing team wasn’t known as a challenge.

Coach Queiroga, our ONLY coach who happens to be the head varsity coach for the boys football team had helped us girls understand the objective of each play, simply and effectively as possible. Each group of girls had assigned colored plays depending on the wave they were in. Therefore the game had become an uncomplicated task.

Once the start of our game was upon us, it was obvious that the class of 2024 was alarmed. While us seniors were prepared for anything, it didn’t seem the same for the juniors. Soon what they thought was a win became a quick loss. Mariana Hernandez (Quaterback) and Sofia Agular (Running Back) with back-to-back touchdowns after our magnificent game planning which became a complete shutdown. Although the juniors did seem to catch up, it wasn’t over for us.

As most know, the seniors do not take anything free and easy. We became aggressive and eager for more points in order to show the juniors their place, either get back or get backed up. Our tactic had boosted us up so much that Jade Marin (Wide Out) scored our winning touchdown 20-14.

Even though we ended the game with a victory, celebrating became difficult with all the whining from the opposing team. Nevertheless, we were able to delight in our win accompanied by senior boy cheerleaders helping us throughout the entire game and better yet victory cupcakes to go around. Nice try juniors, better luck next year.