Spirit Week Review 2022


Pajama Day

Here at Brien McMahon High School, Monday, September 12 marked the beginning of the first full week of the school year. It also marked the beginning of the first real event of the year, spirit week. Spirit week at BMHS gives everyone in the school a chance to show their school spirit by participating in the events that are setup for each day of the week, and in 2022, most days of the special week lived up to expectations. In this article you will get my full personal review of all the days of spirit week, as I give each day a rating out of ten.

Spirit week kicked of with by far the most participated event of the five days, Pajama day. It was a simple yet perfect way to start the week, as everyone who decided to wear their PJ’s was likely was loathing coming back to school after the weekend, which saw the opening of the NFL season on Sunday. With almost the whole school in the dreaded Monday mindset, it felt good for us all to be able to wear our pajamas to school and not feel like lazy students. I give pajama day a 10/10.

Tuesday continued the high participation rate, as we were encouraged to show pride for their culture and or family history in some way. While most people were most likely expecting the day to simply be full of people wearing t-shirts with countries flags on them, people took their pride to a much higher level. The halls were littered with students with their countries flag wrapped around them. There were even some students who decided to only speak in their countries language! It was great to see all the culture in our school and how it all meshed together, I give culture day a 8/10.

While Wednesday wasn’t as participated in as much the first couple of days, it was certainly the most fun and creative of all the days. Wednesday saw students grab what ever they could find, and bring it to school to use as a backpack. Even though only about 150-200 students actually did something for this day, there were plenty of strange and hilarious sights to behold. there were kids scattered all over the school carry items such as shopping carts, rolling chairs, food treys and one person even brought their 7 year old sister to hold his stuff for him! Wednesday provided a lot of laughs and funny moments, I give it an 9/10.

Now I can’t lie, Thursday was not the most creative or fun day. We the students were asked to wear a certain color that represented our grade, as freshmen were asked to wear black, sophomores were asked to wear red, Juniors were asked to wear white and seniors were asked to wear blue. Truth be told, nobody really understood the meaning of this day, as it’s not like we were preparing to show our schools colors for a sporting event. In fact, if they would’ve switched class color day to Friday, a day in which the school hosted it’s first home football game of 2022 against New Canaan High, the day would’ve made a lot more sense and many more people probably would have participated. Thursday was confusing and not very popular so I give it a 2/10.

The goal of Friday was to end spirit week on a fun and colorful note, it achieved both of these goals. Tropical day was a day in which students were asked to wear beautiful tropical style shirts to school, and the turn out was a lot stronger then people expected it would be after the confusing day previous. Scattered through out the halls, you could find small groups of friends with lovely floral shirts and even wearing straw hats and sunglasses to go the extra mile. There were even a good amount of people who took these looks to the football game. This was a pretty fun way to end the week, and I give it a 8/10.

During my first two years at McMahon, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly damped the fun of spirit week. The school was always half empty during freshman year, and there were still a lot of COVID restrictions during the first part of sophomore year. This year however, I was very happy to get my first full spirit week, as it did not disappoint. But most importantly, I am especially happy that my younger brother, who is a freshman, got that experience in his first year.