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Finding Your Soulmate: Stories of Friendship From Our Fellow Senators and Staff

Many people think that having friends is just a simple thing, well… it’s not! Having such a good presence like that in your life is such an amazing thing. you have people you trust, love, and rely on. Whether you are feeling down, or you are excited about something, friends are always there!   

This past week we interviewed our fellow senators and staff on some of their own friendship stories! Starting off strong with one of our own teachers, who told us that she became best friends with her now maid of honor, 20 years ago. This teacher had said, “ To think that about 20 years ago we were just kids playing with dolls and now, she’s going to be my maid of honor. I never thought I would meet my person. Everyone says you will find your soulmate soon. And I think that from the minute I asked Sammy for a pink marker, I knew she was gonna be my person.”

Apart from the staff, we also interviewed students and some close friends. Our first person was one of our closest friends, Adamaris. She mentioned that she made friends by joining clubs and Cheer. She also said she became close with her best friend by playing Lacrosse Freshman year. Other people could also relate to this because they all have their own similar stories, but the most common reason why people met their best friend was by saying hi in the most random of places like the bathroom, class, mall, friend’s house, school, bus, and/or car rides. 

The craziest start to a friendship we heard was Sofia Sanchez and her best friend. Sofia said, “My best friend since kindergarten is my literal sister by choice. The love I have for her is unmatched. Since meeting her in kindergarten my life has been so different. We have had so many ups and downs and in the end she’s the one I go to all the time. We went from playing in the sand to going out almost everyday. I wouldnt trade her for anything.”

The next story is about Cris’s sister. She met her best friend, Jaz, in Sophomore year, when she thought Jaz was very bougie and classy. They started talking and quickly learned they had similar personalities which led to them hanging out after school and eventually, Jaz showed her how to do her lashes. 

Thanks to Jaz, I met my best friend, Gabi. Jaz was getting picked up from my house and Gabi’s mom told her to ask me where she was. After that, we ended up talking more often and became best friends. 

Friendships come in many ways. Whether it’s having your sister as a friend, or even someone you are close with now, you will never be alone. You always have that one person who backs you up in everything, the one person who you hang out with. A deep connection with someone is something so beautiful and unique. It’s why friends are so important. They keep us from doing something wrong and help us find peace with each other. Some bonds are so strong that some might even consider each other siblings. We hope that you can find that special someone too!

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