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Why Taylor’s “Kelce Era” Is Different


Ever since the Kelce Bowl back in February 2023, Travis Kelce has been on every person’s favorite celebrity list due to his outstanding athletic accomplishments and amazing attitude, but what we as a society were unaware of, was that Taylor Swift, too, put him at #1. 

Travis has always been a heartthrob – showing off his dance moves when he makes touchdowns, going on SNL and smirking, being a great team player and family man, and being made of damn fine attributes. Taylor, similarly, has been famous since she was young, and has gained her status of being the literal music industry because of all of her musical awards and connections. She’s beautiful, humble, and has been torn down way too many times that she is now the type of person you’d want to be around as she treats you how she wishes she was treated by society. 

With Taylor’s release of her re-recordings of past albums – Fearless, Red, Speak Now, and 1989 so far – she began touring her different eras, naming it her “Eras Tour.” This encompasses the different albums – eras – of her life and what she went through during these times. Her songs impacted many people, causing her to need to go on tour as her last tour was for “reputation” in 2017 meaning it had been 5 years since she had gotten to interact with the very fans that her music was meant for. 

Since this was a stadium tour due to Taylor’s ever-expanding popularity, one particular stop was Arrowhead Stadium, which Travis Kelce calls home regularly due to his contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Travis, a few days after Taylor performed, called her out on his podcast stating he was “ a little butt-hurt I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her.” This shows that even without knowing her, he was dedicated to being like her fans and joining in on the fun – something that her previous boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, wouldn’t have done. 

This one-sided interaction hyped fans of both worlds – football and music – for a split-second, but then it all rose again when Travis offered “You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead.’ We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

Not even 2 days later, we saw Taylor Swift hit the big screen on Sunday night football. Wearing her classy red lipstick, a red Chiefs jacket, and jean shorts, Taylor was living in her girly 1989 era, waiting for this new relationship to spark. Not only was she in Travis’s suite, but she was alongside Donna Kelce, his mother. This could symbolize that this relationship might have been going on for longer than we’ve known, but no one cares as long as they are together. Taylor and Travis together means uniting Hollywood and Sports; two things that never truly overlap unless it’s the Super Bowl. 

As the weeks have progressed, we have seen time and time again Taylor emerge out of the shell she has put herself into in the past six years. From appearing at Travis’s away game in NYC with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sabrina Carpenter, and others whom she holds dearly, to sitting close with Travis at an intimate dinner with his friends, we can clearly see that this relationship is healing for her. Comparing photos of her with Joe Alwyn to her now with Travis, we see a smile on her face and her walking slowly instead of always running away and looking unhappy. Travis seemingly puts Taylor first, which is what she needs after all of these years of heartbreak albums and hardships. 

Also, can we talk about him being her bodyguard? He opens her doors, holds her hand, and kisses her gently – perfect book boyfriend right here. No man before him ever willingly risked himself to protect her, especially with his status being just as high as hers. Taylor values this and uses this as a reason why he is a man compared to all the boys she has dated.

Not only does Travis’s affection lift Taylor up and allow her to be herself, but so does the way Taylor supports Travis. Many believe that Taylor showing up at all of these football games is a way to play into this suspected “PR relationship” and that it’s annoying that she keeps popping up on their feed, but the effects she has on the overall plays of the team are powerful. According to CBS Sports, Travis is “averaging 108 yards per game this season with Swift in the stands as compared to a 46.5 yards per game average when she isn’t.” This proves that having this boost from his girlfriend leads to the team having a better chance of winning. When you think about it, anyone who has Taylor Swift watching them will try to play better to impress her. 

In addition to this, Taylor has freely given money to the NFL. Her fans, hoping to get some view of her, are buying tickets to Travis’s games as well as tuning in through radio and television. Streams and tickets equal money, so if another person complains she is taking over, they should look at the fact that her fanbase is helping pay for the maintenance of teams and stadiums. 

As fandoms, we should try to open up to other areas of interest. Taylor Swift isn’t prohibited to just one group of people as many think. Anyone can listen to her music and become a fan, so if you are a football fan, maybe try to go to one of her concerts. And as Swifties, let’s go freeze our butts off at a football game and try to understand it too! Merging these worlds together will only reap benefits and allow society to become more educated in a wider range of topics. Travis and Taylor have started this process for us, but we have to continue it. 

Taylor and Travis are honestly meant to be – both in their 30s, have exceeded their goals for their careers, and are ready to settle down. I believe that we will see a marriage in the future for them – go to TikTok for the full conspiracy – and that Taylor will finally be happy after all the years she suffered from her other ex-boyfriends. 

With all of this said, may Football Sundays and Taylor’s newest 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release bring joy to all! 


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