Profile: Amy Dias


The article appears as a part of our Senators Profile Series.


Amy Dias is an inspiring teacher and woman. You may see her in the hallway with her black pixie cut, red lipstick, and a great stylish outfit.

She is someone who will always be there for her students and friends, may it be just the need for a hug or a little joke. People describe her as someone with a life mission to make the world better by making other people believe they matter. 

Ms. Dias does believe that she expresses a “sweet and sour, Sour Patch Kid” meaning she is a sweet person with a kind and generous heart, but also has a tough side. She gets this resilient side from growing up in a house full of many people, with whom she would play school. She feels the life of watching her friends “disintegrate” and not being able to help them was the moving factor behind her desire to become a teacher as she wants to help students before it can be too late. 

As a teacher, her proudest accomplishment is when her current and former students tell her that her classroom felt safe and supportive. This being the case for each of her twenty-eight years of her teaching career has made her extremely proud and happy. 

Once it all comes to end, Ms. Dias would like to be remembered for two things- her mantra “Let all exist with dignity” as she wants people to know that she lived by that, and to be known as a character who was “distinctive, weird, and a little crazy” as she broke out of the standards society puts onto people. 

Not only is she different from everyone else, but so is the person she admires, Harriet Tubman. Ms. Dias looks to Harriet as an inspiration to help others as her bravery going back “into the hell she came from to take people out” shows she lived a life dedicated to not only helping herself but others, which is what Ms. Dias looks to follow, which she does. 

On a more personal level, Amy Dias’s typical day begins at 4:30 when she gets ready but then dreads her terrible commute to McMahon. No matter how angry, tired, or emotional she is feeling, when she walks in the door at 7:30, her students’ smiles automatically put a smile on her own face and easily boost her mood.

She adores her students and their personalities which makes her classes throughout the day full of creativity, excitement, and lots of energy. Through her love of being an English teacher, she hopes to one day be a professional writer as she has already written a couple of books with genres such as Children and Young Adult books. She doesn’t care how she gets published as long as she gets published someday, somehow. 

Not only do students make her happy, but so do coffee and animals. Coffee offers her more energy for the day to come and is honestly her favorite drink. When there is no coffee around, seeing an animal of any sort immediately brings joy as who wouldn’t want to see a cute little face full of happiness?

Her biggest pet peeve is when people have an egocentric view of the world and feel as people need to serve them. She views everyone as equal and fair. This is greatly shown through one of her favorite books, “The Stand” by Steven King as it incorporates people of color in similar roles as white people, expressing equality among all–just as Ms. Dias thinks everyone should be treated.

Though Ms. Dias gives off rays of happiness and is practically an open book with her fear of sharks, what’s really underneath is the struggles she has faced most of her life. She has had her identity stolen leading her to live with difficulties of money, having a home, and so much more. Yes, she would change this part of her life, but she also wants people to know that she has turned it into something positive by helping others.

No matter what may come, Amy Dias will stick to her beliefs and remember what has made her who she is today–a youth of embracing different cultures, ethnicities, and people. She should be the new standard for what people aspire to be and should be.