Teacher of the Week: Ms. Ripegno!

Teacher of the Week: Ms. Ripegno!

Ms. Ripegno won the first edition of teacher of the week based on her style!  After interviewing Ms. Ripegno, this is what we know!  

Ms. Ripegno gets most of her clothes at Abercrombie, as she works there part-time.  Her ideal outfit is Nike sweatpants, Crocs, and a plain t-shirt.  Her favorite colors to wear are green and beige.  Ms. Ripegno says her thought process is systematic.  She says, “I want my personality to show through my outfits, and I know what colors I love to wear.”

“I see many people in one single day, so the way I dress is the way I want to be perceived.”  Further along, in the interview, Ms. Ripegno also adds that she would ask herself, “how is this going to accentuate me and my personality?” in order to put her outfit together.

Ms. Ripegno said “to add on, I really plan 2 outfits, one for teaching and one for coaching.  I’m the Junior Varsity girls field hockey coach and I devote a huge part of my time to it,  so when I dress for the field hockey part of my day, the main components are comfortability and since it’s outside and I would have to adapt for the weather.”  

Before becoming a teacher here in McMahon, Ms. Ripegno went to college in Westconn and played D3 field hockey as a goalie.  She as well has a younger sister who is a senior at Westhill who also plays field hockey. 

Something about Ms. R besides her outfits and field hockey is her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is dumplings.  She truly values loyalty and character. Her favorite artist currently is Tame Impala but during the interview she also reminded me that she has a favorite “artist” artist too, Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter.