Catching Up With The Coaches

Today I  sat down with Coach Q to discuss the football team this season; this is my interview.


What do you think of the roster after last year’s seniors graduated?


“I love the roster, it was sad to see the seniors go, but we have 9 returning offensive players and 8 returning defensive payers… A great turnout.”


How has the start of the season impacted your play style?


“The start of our season hasn’t impacted how we’re going to play; we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing and practice hard.


What are your hopes for this season?


“Even though we lost the first two games, we still want to push for the playoffs; if we win six or seven games, we can make them for the first time in 27 years.”


What do you think of the fan turnout?


“Fan turnout is tremendous; you can hear the roar from the crowd. When I turn around to see my family in the stands, I can see how packed they are. I get questions in my classes about football games, and I can sense the enthusiasm around the school.


What are the vibes around practice?


“Practice vibes are good, we work hard, and it’s like a family; we call our team a “football family.”


This year the football team has five captains; Andrew Ehlers, Alex Letters, Callum Letters, Logan Schlegel, and All FCIAC defensive end Ralphy Thiersaint. Other notable players are William Moy, who was 2nd team All FCIAC and defensive player of the year, and Lucas Silva, who was the offensive player of the year.