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McMahon Talkcast Episode 6 – Is Marvel Over?

Ava Massucco, Zachary Young, and Rebecca Parra December 9, 2022

In Episode 6 of the McMahon Talkcast, members pose the question of if Marvel is "over" or if there is still more potential in the upcoming movies. Many fans are upset with the recent phase 4 projects while...

EXCLUSIVE McMahon Talkcast Episode 5 – Behind the Scenes with Aliana Aspesi

Ava Massucco and Zachary Young December 5, 2022

In episode 5 of the McMahon Talkcast, we have an exclusive interview with Alaina Aspesi, a member of the Brien McMahon Drama Department. We discuss her struggles in becoming an actress and how she maintains...

McMahon Talkcast Episode 4 – Best Music Artist

On Episode 4 of McMahon Talkcast, a bracket of the best music artists is made where each member fights their hardest to get their favorite artist to the next round. Some artists mentioned include Taylor...

McMahon Talkcast Episode 3 – Best TV Shows

On Episode 3 of McMahon Talkcast, our podcast members explore their favorite TV Shows with a random wheel spinner, determining the fate of all these vastly different weeknight shows. Series mentioned include...

McMahon Talkcast Episode 2 – Best Movies

On Episode 2 of McMahon Talkcast, we talk about each of our podcast members’ top 3 movies. From there, we rank them to then get to a final top 3 movies. Listen to find out where movies such as Whiplash,...

McMahon Talkcast Episode 1- Problematic Celebrity Relationships

Our first episode of McMahon Talk Cast (formerly Late Night Talk Cast) is based on our opinions on what we think about celebrity relationships and whether they are problematic or not. The couples...

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