See you next year- Teagan With The Tea

Dear Senators,

While the 2022-2023 year is coming to an end, Teagan With The Tea is not.

Many of you do not know who I am, or what I might do. But my identity is a secret for a reason.

I, Teagan, am McMahon’s very own advice guide. I am here to hand out advice to students, on whatever they need. Relationships? Consider it handled. Tough teachers? I can help. Need some advice on how to deal with a fake friend? Send in your submission, and I will come to your rescue.

Your submissions will be sent in through a Google form linked to McMahon’s one and only newspaper, The McMahon Archive. From there, I will read your submission, which is completely anonymous, and give you my take on what you should do. My advice will be posted on the McMahon Archive website, under Teagan With The Tea.

Anyone, any grade, is more than welcome to fill out my form for advice. Everyone needs guidance sometimes and that is why I am here. The form is always open.

I look forward to hearing from you Senators, and thank you for letting me be your advice guide. Keep doing your best and remember Teagan is here to help. Have an amazing rest of the year and good summer.

Teagan With The Tea.