Super Bowl LVII Preview

We’ve reached the climax. In Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, February 12, the 14-3 NFC champion  Philadelphia Eagles will take on the 14-3 Kansas City Chiefs in the 57th Super Bowl for the right to call themselves NFL champions. Although this may look like just a boring matchup of the two favorites from each conference, there are a lot of fantastic underlying storylines to this particular matchup.

Chiefs-Eagles: Super Bowl LVII predictions, picks, odds, questions


Philadelphia Eagles

As a fan of New York sports, these past four months have been cringe-worthy for me to say the least. The Eagles join the MLB’s Phillies and the MLS’s Union as teams from the city who made an appearance in their league’s championship during that timespan. But the Eagles are likely the fittest to win out of all of them. The Eagles ran through the NFL’s easiest schedule with just about every tool you could imagine. On defense, they boast the league’s best secondary, its best pass rush, and a top-15 run defense. On offense, an all-time great offensive line, possibly the best-receiving core in the league, a top 7 tight end, and the likely MVP runner-up at quarterback. 

It seemed all year like the Eagles have no holes in the team, but many people say they took advantage of an easy path, and that’s not crazy to say. By almost every metric and stat we have to calculate this, the eagles had the NFL’s softest schedule in terms of opponents, and the playoffs weren’t much harder. After the first-round bye, the Eagles faced a Cinderella story Giants team many expected to be the worst in football and blew them out. While many did expect the Eagles to have a tough time with the 49ers in the NFC championship, the Niner’s quarterback situation was a handicap worthy of its article. This will be the true test for the Eagles because their next opponent will be the thoughts yet.

Saints vs. Eagles - NFL Game Videos - 1 January 2023 | ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs

This site has become infuriatingly common in the last 5 years. For the third time in four years, the Chiefs are going to play for Lombardi. The funny thing about this team is that even though they had the best record in team history during the season, this is a pretty weak team compared to the last few years. During the spring and summer, KC lost Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu, two top pieces in recent years. But we didn’t realize that Andy Reid only needs one man to make it work. His name is Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes led the league in just about every single stat a quarterback can, and will likely run away with the MVP. Add Pat and his god-like abilities to one of the best tight ends in football, Travis Kelce having his best season, and you’ve got an offense very hard to stop. 

Patrick Mahomes the old man among 4 NFL conference title game QBs

 Super Bowl LVII has 3 main storylines that catch your eye. The first one is that it is between the two best teams from the regular season in terms of record. The chiefs had a much tougher schedule and playoff run, but 14 wins are 14 wins. The second storyline was rather surprising, but this is the first ever super bowl where both teams starting quarterbacks are African American. The Super Bowl is always in September, but it is still pretty cool that it’s happening for black history month. The final story is probably the most fun, it is the brother bowl. Jason Kelce is the starting center and the backbone of the Eagle’s dominant offensive line, while his brother, Travis Kelce, is the main offensive weapon for the chiefs at the tight end. It will be the first time in NFL history two brothers will face off in the big game, and it’s been the main marketing point of it to this point, you best believe that they have been talking about it nonstop on their New Heights podcast.

Jason, Travis Kelce are first NFL brothers to play in Super Bowl

Matchups like this make many people think that the NFL is scripted. This is going to be one of the more high-powered games in Super Bowl history, likely a slugfest. The team that comes out on top will have won their second championship in 6 years, and I’m very excited to see who that will be. Who will hoist the Lombardi?

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