What are you being for Halloween and why?


What are you being for Halloween and why?


“Um, I’m gonna be Walter White, because I have a bald cap.”

~ Becca, 15, Batman


“I have this Stitch onesie, like from the movie Lilo and Stitch, which is like honestly kind of childish, but I wore it to a party last year, and it got so much clout. But honestly, I want to wear it because it’s cold on Halloween, and it keeps me really warm while I’m getting candy and…doing other things.”

~ Zach, 15, Editor


“Alright, hard question because I was originally gonna be nothing, because I was going to dress up my baby as corn, and our dog was going to be a farmer. But now my wife and I are invited to a Halloween party so we have to dress up. Our baby’s already going to be corn, so then do we also have to be farmers? Or are we going to be other vegetables?”

~ Mr. Talucci, 38, Teacher


“I’m going to be Alice in Wonderland, because my name’s Alice, and it’s really funny because it’s my name.”

~ Alice Nash, 16, Babysitter


“Oh, I’m so excited to answer this. Ok, I, at the request of my children, am going to be Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, and my husband is going to be Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. And why is because I think it’s great that my kids want me to be that, it’s hilarious, I love Linda’s character, I think she’s hilarious and maybe like, a little bit of my spirit animal, and also because I live in Newtown, where people take Halloween very seriously, and if the adults don’t show up and dress up, it’s kind of not cool. So, yep, I’m going to be Linda, and my husband’s going to be Bob, and my kids are going to be a full gorilla and like a demon, I don’t know, some kind of creepy skeleton thing. So it’s not even related, they just assigned it to us like homework.”

~ Mrs. OK, undisclosed age, English Teacher Extraordinaire


“Ummm I’m going to be… I don’t know yet.”

~ Marianna Hernandez, 16, Student


It seems like everyone’s pretty excited for the first Halloween where Covid isn’t really hanging over everything like an ugly skeleton decoration. We’ll be wearing masks that aren’t just surgical quality. Haha, I’m funny. Anyway, I know it can be hard to decide on what to be and what to do for halloween (it’s okay Marianna), but maybe you can take some ideas from these answers. Take a spin on your name like Alice, go for comfort like Zach, or maybe just explore your attic and see what you have like Becca. Or if you’re an adult with kids, let them tell you what to be. And you can always do a group costume. Except devils and angels, I would stay away from that. Now get on it, or everything’s going to be sold out.